Opera Verismo – realism in dramatic performance

DSCF4240Opera Verismo envisaged by dramatic tenor Marcel Xerri can offer a programme of dramatic, exciting well known instrumental overtures, preludes and arias from operas by composers such as Verdi, Puccini, Cilea and Giordano as well as charming popular Neapolitan song from composers such as De Curtis and Cardillo.

Focusing mainly on verismo works, the aim is to deliver the passion and excitement from the era’s much loved as well as unfamiliar operas and composers.

Opera Verismo is an ensemble consisting of an eclectic mix of players and voice.

A direct and exciting way to emulate the impassioned form of expression, that makes an immediate, emotional impact in the true verismo style.

Verismo extends beyond the boundaries of the familiar warmth of bel canto and romantic opera in a rich and varied tapestry of emotionally-charged music drama.

Verismo (meaning “realism”, from Italian vero, meaning “truth”)

The Italian operatic tradition carried on in the post-Romantic era whose advocates tried to bring into the theatre the naturalism and realistic – sometimes sordid or violent – depictions of contemporary everyday life, especially that of the common people.

Nnapulitano (Neapolitan song) is the epitome of verismo. Full of fun and invoking the myriad of emotions that can affect us all.

Narratives are realistic and depicted with vigor, in a style akin to that of a conversation between like minded people.Love, fun, heartache, home and family all contributing to a genre that is much loved.